Romantik Hotel Goldene Traube Coburg - Saturday, 23. May 2015
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The new restaurant VICTORIA GRILL - Steaks & Seafood of the Romantik Hotel Goldene Traube is a real crown jewel. You will feel comfy in the newly decorated and modern ambiance.

If meats stars the chief part, this means particularly for us:

  • prime quality by natural breeding
  • air-dried maturation on the bone at the climate house
  • perfect preparation

We buy only selected beef, subject to strict criteria, from the USA, Ireland and Pomeranian therewith your individual favourite cut of meat will be tender and juicy.

Enjoy also delicious seafood specialities like tuna, sea bream, prawns, salmon and lobster of the atlantic and other world oceans.

Treat yourself to delicious Steak & Seafood dishes in our restaurant VICTORIA GRILL.

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opening hours:

Monday - Saturday
Lunch: 12.00 pm to 02.30 pm
Dinner: from 06.00 pm to 11.30 pm

Dinner: 06.00 pm to 11.30 pm

closed on Sundays and public holidays at lunchtime.