Romantik Hotel Goldene Traube Coburg - Friday, 29. May 2015
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There is a place that will present you unforgettable moments..

Welcome to the Romantik Hotel Goldene Traube! Our hotel has been the home of hospitality for about 250 years now. Today, we would like to continue with this long lasting tradition and create the perfect atmosphere for an unforgettable stay in our newly refurbished building.

In our opinion, it calls for more than an excellent knowledge about the subject to become the perfect host: Naturalness, charm and empathy.

The joie de vivre, which you will discover in our hotel, is our passion for hospitality. For us, the soul of wine and the soul of a hotel are closely connected. Both represent culture and joie de vivre. This joie de vivre is also expressed by our members of staff, who pay attention to every detail. It is their ultimate goal and motivation to make your stay as pleasant as possible.

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Your hosts, family Glauben

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